Huaringas Sacred Lagoons

Title: Huaringas Sacred Lagoons


The Huaringas is a circuit of 14 lagoons, located in the Huamaní Mountain Range, at 3,950 m.a.s.l., pertaining to the Province of Huancabamba, and which were converted, since ancestral times, into one of Peru’s most magnetic places, due to the energetic potency and healing and magical powers they concentrate, according to what thousands of visitors and knowledgeable people in Andean esoterism, say.

However, there are two lagoons preferred by the healers and shamans, to do their healing work: The Shimbe Lagoon, in which flourishing baths are performed, and the Black lagoon, where all kinds of healing and magic are done.

We organize this esoteric tour from the locality of Huancabamba, with a stretch by bus and another on horseback or walking, which allows us to get to know typical places, villages and hamlets, while we contemplate beautiful Andean landscapes.


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